Congratulations Robert!

Congratulations on 10 years Robert!

Congratulations Robert! – 10 Years! It is a special moment when you realize a member of your team not only loves what they do but is also so perfectly suited for their career. Introducing one of these team members, Robert, our Lead Material Handler who has now been with us for 10 years. Truly a man dedicated to his work and his team, Robert spent 26 years in the printing industry until the printing industry became a casualty of technology.

When time came for a new career, Robert’s good friend Chuck (13+ years with Caroba and counting) recommended that he apply at Caroba. After 26 years in printing, it took a completely new mindset to work for a new company in a completely different industry. Robert started in our warehouse then quickly moved on to helping with maintenance. It didn’t take long to realize that Robert had a special skill that is very hard to teach…ENERGY! Robert thrives in a fast pace activity that also requires attention to detail, which makes him perfect for material handling. Fun little side note, because Robert moves so fast all day, most of the photos we took were a blur. We had to ask him to hold still for just a moment so we could get some decent pictures!

Material handlers are responsible for making sure 32 injection molding machines have the right materials, mixed with the correct ratios of additives/colorants, with the appropriate moisture content, and making sure the machines absolutely do not run out of material! Oh, and this has to be done 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Robert started the material handler role about 8 years ago and has since become the Lead that is responsible for 11 material handlers spread out over 5 shifts. This takes a tremendous amount of organization, training, and occasional after hours support to ensure his team keeps the production floor going.

When asked his favorite aspects of working for Caroba, he enjoys the daily challenges but mostly he loves the people he works with. In particular, he loves the diversity of our employees who come from a multitude of different cultures. Robert truly connects with all people with a contagious smile, an amazing work ethic, and is a major contributor to company’s “Family” culture. Congratulations on 10 years Robert!

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