15 Years – Congratulations Ronnel!

Ronnel 15 year anniversary

15 Years – Congratulations Ronnel!

The big catch phrase that companies like to talk about is #companyculture. An effective #companyculture is carefully curated over many years and is imperative to attract and retain the right kinds of employees for that particular company. Although culture is a collaborative effort from many different individuals, every so often there are individuals that seem to not only fit well, but also put their own mark on the culture of a company…enter Ronnel.

Ronnel moved from the Philippines to Los Angeles at the age of 10. At a young age, Ronnel was interested in all things mechanical which translated to a passion for cars. By wrenching on lowered cars, street racers, and pretty much any car that needed work, a set of lifelong skills was being built that would serve him well for years to come. These skills were put to work by a battery company that provided him with training and work experience in machinery repair, electronics, robotics, programming, and anything electromechanical. Eventually this battery company moved their production out of the U.S., at which point Ronnel said, “I’m going to take my talents to Caroba Plastics”.

Ronnel had zero #injectionmolding experience when he joined us but his ability to jump into any situation, teach himself how to fix it, and complete the work effectively had an immediate impact on the way machines were maintained and how quickly problems were fixed. When he started, we had 18 #injectionmolding machines that quickly grew to 32 machines. Ronnel was and still is instrumental in the installation, maintenance, and repair of all 32 #injectionmolding machines along with all the auxiliary machinery needed in an operation of our size. A good portion of our equipment care is done through preventative maintenance programs that Ronnel has helped implement over the years…but sometimes machine breakdowns don’t like to follow a schedule and even in these cases, Ronnel is always there to fix the problem!

Back to the #companyculture topic, Ronnel brings characteristics to this company that are very hard to find in an employee responsible for so many important tasks. Ronnel is quick to respond to urgent situations with amazing patience and can critically think through these very complex electromechanical systems to diagnose and fix the problem. Ronnel also makes it a focus to train the next generation of mechanical personnel and he loves working with the entire team to ensure operations are running smoothly.

When asked what has kept him at Caroba for 15 years, he replied that he likes the challenge of seeing something new every day. He also loves the people he works with. For many years he worked in a corporate job, but he certainly prefers the “Family Feel” of Caroba Plastics. While known for cracking jokes and talking sports, he is more well known for truly thinking of others and being the first to help anyone that needs it…Ronnel is the ultimate team player!

Thank you for 15 years Ronnel!