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Spring BBQ 2024

Spring BBQ 2024 Caroba Plastics, Inc.

2024 Spring BBQ – Celebrating a 40 Year Work Anniversary When planning a Spring BBQ, we never know what the weather will be, but this year was FANTASTIC! We could not have asked for a better day and this year was extra special…celebrating April’s 40th year with Caroba! (Best viewed in 1080p) Here is a […]

10 Years! – Congratulations Todd!

10 Years! - Congratulations Todd!

The Last Impression – Everyone always talks about how important it is to make a good “First Impression”, but I think we can make a case that the “Last Impression” can be equally important. Often, we spend days, weeks, months procuring materials, manufacturing products, then assembling and packaging to create final deliverable goods. The final […]

15 Years – Congratulations Ronnel!

Ronnel 15 year anniversary

15 Years – Congratulations Ronnel! The big catch phrase that companies like to talk about is #companyculture. An effective #companyculture is carefully curated over many years and is imperative to attract and retain the right kinds of employees for that particular company. Although culture is a collaborative effort from many different individuals, every so often […]

Congratulations Mary – 10 Years!

Congratulations Mary – 10 Years! Employee anniversaries are some of the best stories to tell because they often showcase a person’s journey and their accomplishments through the years. Mary is one of those stories that should resonate with people who work hard for potential future growth. Mary came to the U.S. in 1997 from Honduras […]