10 Years! – Congratulations Todd!

10 Years! - Congratulations Todd!

The Last Impression – Everyone always talks about how important it is to make a good “First Impression”, but I think we can make a case that the “Last Impression” can be equally important. Often, we spend days, weeks, months procuring materials, manufacturing products, then assembling and packaging to create final deliverable goods. The final step of this very resource intensive process is to make sure customers receive the product in good condition.

For 10 years, Todd has helped us ensure that our customers’ Last Impression is as good as the First Impression, thereby ensuring that they will continue to use our services. Although the interaction with our customers is important, safe driving and patience are even more important. We are very fortunate that Todd has the patience of a Saint while navigating the crazy roadways of Denver and still maintains a wonderful personality when delivering product to customers.

Todd not only navigates the complexities of the Denver streets, but he expertly navigates the inner workings of our family of companies. Every one of the companies in our family utilizes Todd for various delivery activities to/from vendors and customers. Through the years, Todd has learned the various expectations of each company and is able to meet every exacting demand he is presented with.

When Todd is not making deliveries, he enjoys living a healthy lifestyle of eating right and going to the gym. His favorite hobbies/passions are Audio, Video, and Home Theater. It started with a love for high-fidelity audio while listening to Grateful Dead and Phish. This grew into a keen eye for high-definition video that once coupled together with the audio, he was able to build his own state-of-the-art theater room where he likes to spend his free time.

When asked what has kept him here for 10 years, it is the sense of Family and Warmth. Having worked for several other companies in the past, he has never seen a company culture that creates such a happy environment. He loves that employees work very hard while at the same time they all get along so well.

Congratulations on 10 Years!