Caroba has over 40 years experience with the medical industry. Here at Caroba we produce over 300 million medical components annually. Please see our capabilities section to view our systems that support the production of our medical parts.

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Caroba Plastics has been serving the high technology industry for 30 years, primarily with our own product lines through our sister company Pozzetta Products. Many of our products are sold worldwide to companies such as Samsung, Intel, Photronics, and Baxter Healthcare.

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Caroba Plastics is very familiar with the demanding needs of industrial applications. We are in tune with the process and can assist in mold construction and part production. Caroba prides itself on using multiple high tech engineered resin materials.

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Caroba has produced a variety of products in the consumer goods industry, anywhere from sporting goods to housewares. We understand the demanding needs and growth for the consumers.

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Caroba Plastics has exceeded the manufacturing needs for a diverse group of industries ranging from medical and dental to high-technology and industrial. Our unique set of capabilities makes Caroba a good fit for any company that has high standards of quality, medium to high volume production demand, and sensitive pricing requirements.