Pozzetta Clean Room

Class 10,000 Hard Wall



By utilizing trained and certified operators in standard and clean room environments, Caroba Plastics continues to provide our customers unmatched, consistent high-precision plastic products. Caroba Plastics is one of the few molders that has been awarded cert to stock programs for both the medical and semi-conductor markets. Caroba just recently expanded and added a class 10,000 hard wall clean room for medical and contract assembly.

  • 1 Class 1,000 Hard Wall Micro Cleaning Facility
  • 2 Class 100,000 Soft Wall
  • 2 Class 10,000 Soft Wall
  • 1 Class 10,000 Hard Wall
  • 1 Class 1,000 Insert
  • Climate Control
  • Trained & Certified Operators
  • 1 Class 10,000 Hard Wall Clean Room