Since Caroba’s founding, our goal remains to provide our customers with outstanding service, to meet and exceed our customer needs, and produce the finest quality product at a competitive price. Caroba Plastics has been ISO Certified since 1998 to meet the standards of our national and international customers. Caroba embraces and employs the technological advances made within the plastics industry along with a “do it right the first time” attitude. 

Caroba’s philosophy and capabilities come together to supply our customers with a complete manufacturing package. This includes design assistance, manufacturing and shipping/fulfillment. Each project team at Caroba is comprised of engineers, toolmakers, polymer engineers and molding professionals. The project team is formed at the beginning of each new project with the end goal of providing strong thermoplastic technical support and expertise. By providing strong technical support from the project start up, Caroba will save time, eliminate errors, and reduce cost.

The driving philosophy of Caroba Plastics starts from a hands on approach from the owner, Barry Hart. In his own words Barry says, “It’s simple. Provide a clean and organized facility, add systematic processes, be honest and work hard. Then add a little fun and success will follow.”



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The people of Caroba Plastics are united as a team to provide our customers with the finest quality products, competitive prices, and outstanding service. We are dedicated to providing our employees with secure, meaningful employment in a continuously improving environment that enhances everyone’s growth and development.

Caroba Plastics was founded in 1983. Beginning as a small family owned and operating manufacturing business, Caroba now employs over more than 100 employees. Since the founding, we have satisfied the stringent injection molding requirements for the Medical, High-Tech, and Consumer Industries. Our exceptionally clean manufacturing plant is supported by soft wall cleanroom molding, advanced technically trained molding techs, operators who are trained and certified and an outstanding customer service focused support team. The Caroba management team has over 100 years of combined technical experience in the thermoplastic industry.

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Over the span of 35 years that Barry Hart has been in the plastics industry, he has managed to start and grow many different businesses. All of these bushiness are in some way connected to manufacturing and they help in sustaining Caroba’s presence in the Rocky Mountain region. In 1994, Barry started Pozzetta Products, with a partner that had a drive to jump into the world of Semi-Conductors. As Pozzetta grew, Barry learned of another business need in the Semi-Conductors industry. With great success in Pozzetta Products, in 2003 Pozzetta Micro Clean was founded to help in cleaning and protecting products in the semiconductor, microelectronics and medical industries. Recognizing a need for packaging and manufacturing supplies in all the business, Pozzetta Specialty Supplies was started last year. Pozzetta Specialty Supplies has already proven to be very successful in serving many different industries in the Front Range. All of these companies, are constantly working together to provide sustainable and customizable solutions for a variety of business needs.


POZZETTA product 

Companies around the world trust Pozzetta Products to create secure environments for the handling, storage, and transport of photomasks, reticles, wafers, silicon, and solar cells. Pozzetta will protect your valuable products from particles, ESD damage, outgassed components, and high cost.

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Pozzetta Micro Clean is dedicated to providing superior cleaning services for your critical silicon wafer carriers. Using our cleaning technology and years of experience, we are focused on reducing particles for carriers used in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries.

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Pozzetta Specialty Supplies was founded in February 2009 to supply local manufacturers and business with packaging supplies and offer warehousing and fulfillment services. Not only can we provide you with quality packaging supplies for all your warehouse needs we will make sure our prices are competitive, that our service is outstanding and our delivery is on time.

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Peak manufacturing & fulfillment

Peak Manufacturing and Fulfillment is a quality manufacturing and fulfillment center located in Colorado, specializing in design, manufacturing, warehousing, product assembly, fulfillment, shipping, and distribution.

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boulder case company

Boulder Case Company is driven to deliver versatile storage options that protect your valuables and gear without slowing down your life. All cases are made right here in the Colorado foothills. 

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