Congratulations Nancy – 10 Years!

Congratulations Nancy – 10 Years!

Like so many in our family of companies, Nancy is another success story showing that hard work pays off. Nancy’s path to being our Account Specialist started as an operator at the age of 19. Although being young without much work experience, it didn’t take long before her work ethic and ability to work well with others was noticed and she was moved to a Lead position within 6 months. After being a Lead for a couple of years, she was moved up to Documentation for a short time before her true talents were realized…Customer Service!

Nancy is an excellent relationship builder with the highest levels of integrity who also represents our company so well. This rare combination of skills and personal attributes makes her a natural fit as an Account Specialist for some of our largest and most complex customers. Nancy is also bilingual, which has been crucial for our communication with some of our international customers and employees.

While people from the outside know Nancy for her Account Specialist duties, internally we know her for a whole list of other activities. First and one of the most important, Nancy is excellent at training all office personnel entering our family of companies. Her patience, kindness, and effective communication resonate with anyone willing to learn from her years of experience. Second, because Nancy started as an operator and has worked her way through numerous positions, she knows the intricacies of all the job functions and is the bridge between our internal operations and our customers. And lastly, everyone in the building takes it for granted that an extensive list of supplies just magically shows up to our facility and is restocked…it’s no magic, it’s all Nancy!

When asked her favorite part of the job, Nancy immediately starts talking about the people. “I love what I do and I love working with our people. From management to office to production to customers, the people are my favorite part of the job.” While Nancy is a ‘People Person’ all week, she loves to get away from it all on the weekends and enjoy the outdoors…4-wheeling, skiing, camping, hanging out with her dog and husband while listening to just about every genre of music you can think of.

Thank you Nancy!

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