2023 Employee of the Year – Adriana!

2023 Employee of the Year – Congratulations Adriana!

Each year we like to recognize exceptional effort from an employee and this year we congratulate Adriana as our 2023 Employee of the Year! While Adriana does not like job titles, we like to call her the “Warehouse Supervisor”. With nearly 20 years of experience at our company, her job duties transcend job titles and are spread across several entities in our family of companies. Adriana is another example of starting on the ground floor, working hard, learning as much as possible, and then growing to use that knowledge at a higher level.

At the age of 20, Adriana moved to the US from Mexico and by the age of 23, she started working for Caroba Plastics. She started as a 2nd shift operator and then moved to 1st shift while also teaching herself English. It was quickly observed that Adriana continually outworked everyone while also keeping a keen eye on the details. This made her the perfect person to help launch our first service offerings in assembly and fulfillment. She helped grow these segments of our business from 2 small customers into numerous customers that now operate 24/7.

Once the assembly and fulfillment pieces of our business were launched, Adriana was asked to help with a new startup in our family of companies. Adriana was instrumental in overseeing the warehouse activities for our sister company Pozzetta Specialty Supplies (PSS) while still helping with Caroba activities as needed. Last year Adriana was given additional duties and now oversees all the warehousing operations for Caroba and PSS.

As previously mentioned, Adriana does not like job titles and this is because you have never seen a person more willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Adriana leads by example, and it is well known that no one can keep up with her. Whether it is moving boxes, stacking pallets, inventory counts, forklifting, quality control…you name it, she has her sleeves rolled up and is completing the tasks side by side with her team. Although the majority of the square footage in our building is under her supervision, you will never hear a complaint. She provides solutions and hard work to get through just about every situation.

When asked what she likes about her job, there were 3 things that came to mind. First is the feeling of “Family” throughout the building and how everyone helps each other to accomplish goals. Second, she loves that she can bring new ideas to management, and they always listen. And third, she really enjoys working with our office personnel…and we agree, they are all pretty awesome!

Congratulations Adriana!

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