Congratulations Mary – 10 Years!

Congratulations Mary – 10 Years!

Employee anniversaries are some of the best stories to tell because they often showcase a person’s journey and their accomplishments through the years. Mary is one of those stories that should resonate with people who work hard for potential future growth.

Mary came to the U.S. in 1997 from Honduras and moved to New Jersey where she worked in clothing production for many years. After visiting some family members in Denver, she decided she wanted to live in Denver, so she moved here in 2013 and started working for our sister company Pozzetta Micro Clean, LLC. Mary started on 3rd shift learning our processes for micro cleaning plastic parts that are used in the semiconductor industry. After about a year, she moved to Caroba as a 3rd shift operator where she became one of our specially trained operators that produce semiconductor parts for our sister company Pozzetta Inc.

After spending 4 years as an operator looking for potential quality issues at the machine, she was given the opportunity to use these skills as one of our Quality Control Technicians. For the last 5 years, Mary has been instrumental in maintaining our high levels of quality control and making sure we adhere to our ISO 9001:2015 standards. Mary has an amazing ability to spot potential problems and bring the team together immediately to fix the issue. Always willing to help and not afraid to question potential issues, Mary is beloved by her team because she possesses a hard-to-find quality…SHE CARES!

When asked what has kept her with our family of companies for over 10 years…It’s the People! She loves working with her team and appreciates that everyone is so nice. She specifically mentioned the supervisors who are always very helpful and ensure she can do her job effectively. Mary has also enjoyed all the new learning opportunities that she has continually been presented with over the years. Fortunately for us, she embraces every opportunity and continues to shine!

Thank you for 10 Years Mary!

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