What is a Material Handler?

Caroba Material Handlers
There is a certain rhythm to manufacturing which is typically set by the machinery running the parts. From there, an operation must be scaled to match this pace to ensure both quality and productivity. A crucial element to ensure a smooth flow to our injection molding operation is the material handler position.

They are responsible for making sure 32 injection molding machines have the right materials, mixed with the correct ratios of additives/colorants, with the appropriate moisture content, and making sure the machines absolutely do not run out of material! And this must be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have 11 material handlers spread out over 5 shifts which takes a tremendous amount of organization, training, and hard work to keep the production floor going. A big Thank You to all our material handlers!

Do you have what it takes to “roll” with our Material Handlers? Check our job listings for open positions!