Machine Longevity

For a company to succeed for 40 years, it is important to follow this philosophy: “Take care of your people and take care of your equipment.” This is certainly easier said than done but this is still a guiding principle that we follow to this day. In the photos you will see one of our first injection molding machines that still runs some of our legacy parts. Although we have many new machines that look nicer for social media posts and have more sophisticated capabilities, this old machine has a story to tell! For nearly 40 years this machine has been cared for and looked after by our outstanding maintenance and mechanical team. The result is a countless number of parts produced and reliable machine operation to produce some of the highest quality parts in the business. We would like to recognize our team that helps keep 30+ injection molding machines running 24/7.

Left to Right: Ronnell, Ronald (Jr.), and Kelly.