Congratulations Humberto!

Humberto 30 years at Caroba Plastics
30 YEARS!! – Congratulations Humberto! The Ultimate Success Story and the American Dream. At the age of 17, Humberto had already lived through so much poverty and hardship that he decided to take the ultimate gamble and leave everything he knew for the potential of a better life. In 1991 and with only enough money for a bus ticket, Humberto left his home in Mexico to join his sister in Denver…who fortunately for us, was working for Caroba Plastics!

In need of employment and eager to work, Humberto was hired in 1992 as an entry level machine operator on 2nd shift. His enthusiasm for work and ability to learn was immediately evident which provided him an opportunity to move into Material Handling on 1st shift. This Material Handling position exposed Humberto to all the activities of the production floor which then led him to become a shift supervisor.

Our shift supervisors must work closely with our Mold Technicians to ensure quality and efficiency. In 2008, our Lead Mold Technician noticed that Humberto had the skills needed to become a molder which requires a perfect blend of art and science. The next trick was convincing Humberto that “He doesn’t know…that he already knows” how to do the job!

As an employer, we always want to provide career paths for hard working and deserving people. Humberto not only seized all opportunities but has excelled in every way! After working with Humberto for 30 years, we know he is smart, hardworking, and probably the most trustworthy individual you will ever meet but his true legacy will likely be his ability and willingness to teach others. With patience and attention to detail, Humberto has helped train and coach nearly all our operators, material handlers, and molders. This ability to mentor and patiently teach technical skills has led to so many of the other amazing employee success stories in our company!

From humble beginnings to becoming a United States Citizen living the American Dream of wife, kids, dog, house, and the ability to help support family back home, Humberto has lived up to his words: “take all the opportunities and work hard…or someone else will!” Being the teacher he is, Humberto is teaching these life skills to his children who are now old enough to join us as summer help…thereby continuing to show that this truly is a “family” business!