Barry Hart started Caroba in 1983 with his father-in-law, Carl Byrd and brother-in-law, Ronnie Byrd. “We knew there was a market here, especially with the growing medical devices industry.” Barry says. They were industry veterans who saw a gaping niche in the Rocky Mountain region’s plastic manufacturing market.

Caroba Plastics was only one of Barry’s passions and goals in life. At a very young age Barry was married to the love of his life; they are blessed to have just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary last September. He has always had a strong value and love for his family. He has always shown his family and businesses that you must work hard, that nothing in life is handed to you, and you must be grateful for everything you have.  Barry’s faith is something that people admire about him. If you ask any of his employees who have ever asked him for a hand or advice in work, life or love, he is always willing to help. In Barry’s free time he enjoys to play golf, travel, and garden. He likes to say that he will never retire which is just a good sign that his passion for life is still strong

Barry Hart